URF Operations


Most of these operations offer educational workshops and short courses on setting up organic farms, urban farming, rooftop gardening or related activities. They also provide farming device. Some rent farm plots to members; sell products such as planters, soil, seeds, seedlings and tools; and supply services such as daily watering and other essential daily tasks.
City Farm:   cityfarm.hk
City Farm promotes urban farming by teaching people how to do organic farming on the rooftop and open space. It provides classes focus on organic urban farming from beginners to advanced level. It also provides rooftop fields for renting.

Mapopo Community Farm:   mapopo.wordpress.com
The Mapopo Community Farm was founded in 2010. It welcomes the public to visit their farm, and organizes farming activities for visitors. Farm products could be bought at their farm too.

P-farmland:   https://www.pfarmland.com/
P-farmland was founded in 2012. Their farm is at Mong Tseng Wai near Tin Shui Wai. Holding on to the concept of Permaculture Design, it aims to promote the coexistence of human and the environment through farming practices.

ProjectGROW:   http://www.hkfcc.org/news.php?action=detail&i=17
Project Grow has a rooftop farm at To Kwa Wan. Operating since 2012, it has been working with community groups and volunteers to sustain its farming activities. It holds regular workshops among their rooftop farmers to share planting tips.


Rooftop Republic:   rooftoprepublic.com

Rooftop Republic’s vision is to revolutionize the food system and transform the relationship people have with their food. As a multi-disciplinary team, it collaborates with architects, engineers, organic farmers, chefs and nutritionists to develop and deliver urban farming solutions.