Government Bodies



Agriculture, Fisheries and Conservation Department:

AFCD’s website gives a broad introduction to organic farming techniques in Hong Kong and provides a wide range of detailed technical information on common problems and specific issues such as soil, composting, nutrient management, mulching, seed, crop rotation, companion planting, vegetables, herbs, weed management, biological and physical control methods, insect pests and beneficial insects.
AFCD works with Kadoorie Farm & Botanic Garden, SEED and FVMCS to run farmers’ markets at Kadoorie Farm, Central, Tai Po (Tai Po Vegetable marketing Co-operative Society Ltd.) and Tuen Mun. They also collaborate with HKORC on an organic certification service.


Leisure and Cultural Services Department (LCSD):

Community Garden Programme
LCSD has established a series of community gardens in many districts across Hong Kong. These allotment gardens are tended by subscribing member who rent 2.25m2 plots. These gardens are staffed with individuals to assist the renters in watering and provide gardening advice.

Community Involvement Programmes
(under the Green Hong Kong Campaign)
Run by LCSD to promote the recreational, health and therapeutic benefits of social community involvement in greening. This is done through horticulture courses and seminars, community planting days, garden programmes and learn-and-practice gardening courses at the Green Education and resource Center. They also organize greening Hong Kong promotional activities, a green volunteer scheme, guided visits for schools, a greening school subsidy scheme and One Person One Flower scheme.

Greening Hong Kong Activities Subsidy Scheme
Run by LCSD to promote greening local communities through active participation.


Environment and Conservation Fund:

ECF was established to promote environmental protection and conservation. They provide seed money to generate education research and other green projects and activities.



Greening, Landscape and Tree Management Section in the Development Bureau:

This website summarises community and green promotion planting events, support offered in greening projects undertaken by schools and NGOs and horticulture training courses that are run by the Architectural Services Department, Civil Engineering and Development Department, Environmental Protection Department, Home Affairs Department and the Housing Department.


Vegetable Marketing Organization:

A statuary body with two operating deports that collect and wholesale vegetables produced territory-wide, both organic and non-organic. It also provides information and advice on the growing and selling of vegetables in Hong Kong.