Other Farming Organisations



Federation of Vegetable Marketing Cooperative Societies Ltd:

A comprehensive list of local leisure and organic farms organized by district. Many of these farms offer a range of educational and family-oriented courses that include practical sessions; e.g. introductions to organic farming, soil cultivation, weeding, from seeds to seedlings, vegetable growing, green farming and composting. Many of them offer farming consultancy services; some lease out farm plots (typically 9.25m2) members of the public to grow vegetables, with or without assistance for their farming tasks.


Hong Kong Organic Resources Center (HKORC):  hkorc-cert.org

Certification services on local organic farming and processes through the Hong Kong Organic Resource Center Certification Limited.


Sustainable Ecological Ethical Development Foundation (SEED):

SEED promotes growing methods that follow natural ecological rules and ethical models of consumption to achieve a sustainable lifestyle. The foundation also created various platforms to link citizens and local organic farmers.


Hong Kong Organic Agriculture & Ecological Research Association:

A non-profit organisation that promotes research and the development of organic agriculture; it also operates the Hong Kong Organic Certification Center. The organisation provides courses and programmes on agriculture, ecology and planting for groups that include schools and the elderly. It also maintains a blog that provides technical tips on organic farming.


Hong Kong Organic Farming Association (HOFA):

HOFA is a non-profit organisation that advocates organic farming. It has established a local organic standards and certification programme to encourage high-quality and sustainable farming practices. The organisation coordinates a network of organic growers and supporters; it also works to save and restore local heritage species through a seed bank.


Kadoorie Farm and Botanic Garden (KFBG): kfbg.org.hk

KFBG organises educational workshops and training courses covering a range of activities associated with urban vegetable growing; e.g. horticulture, sustainable agriculture for city farmers, organic farming for beginners and beekeeping. KFBG also offers technical advice.


Produce Green Foundation:  producegreen.org.hk

This non-profit organisation consists of a group of local enthusiasts that are concerned about farming and the environment. The established Hong Kong’s first organic farm in Hok Tau Village and have been an advocate for organic farming, community farming, food safety, environmentally friendly technology and green living. Their activities include: organising organic farming courses, gardening seminars and conducting farm visits; providing assistance to schools and community groups to set up organic gardens; publishing the Hong Kong Organic Directory, the quarterly magazine Scarecrow and various technical guides on organic farming in Hong Kong.

Organic Market  (OrganNet Market) :
https://www.organicmarket.com.hk/?&locale=enA free fair trade platform for local organic farms to promote and sell their organic products.

Rooftop Farming @ HKU: 

The HKU Rooftop Farming Project, started in July 2013, aims to foster a sense of responsibility and connection to the natural environment by reconnecting people to farming. It also aims to explore the potential value of rooftops in a high-density city. By working closely with the GE Student Team (GEST) and Bijas Vegetarian Restaurant, this project has demonstrated how to put into real practice a sustainable food cycle that encourages consumption of local produce with reduction of food waste and a minimal carbon footprint.