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What is the Urban Rooftop Farming Network ?

Rooftop farms have developed spontaneously on different types of building (residential, commercial, industrial, institutional), of different sizes, heights, and environmental conditions, and in many climates.

Rooftop farmers report that a desire for healthier lifestyles, social engagement and opportunities to participate in active, nature based recreation, as being their key motivations for participation.

Rooftop farms offers more opportunities than other urban farms because of the potentially much larger farmable area on the city’s rooftops (maybe as much as 600 ha.), and the greater proximity to the population.  Rooftop farming also aligns directly with community based policies such as promoting aging in place.

All the rooftop farms have common goals and face similar challenges.  This Urban Rooftop Farming Network has been established by HKU as a way of allowing the rooftop farming community in Hong Kong to share experiences and practices, to collaborate and support each other, to advocate for rooftop farming and to tackle challenges together.



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